If you find yourself in the category of intermediate surfers, you likely face some challenges that can be difficult to overcome, leaving you feeling frustrated after many surf sessions. While no single list can completely transform your surfing habits, our simple guide with crucial tips for intermediate surfers offers key points to focus on and improve upon.

1. Optimize Positioning

Let's begin our list of tips for intermediate surfers with improving your positioning on the lineup. Focus on catching waves closer to the peak rather than too far from it on the waves‘s shoulder. This allows you to experience the full potential and enjoyment of each wave, riding longer waves.

2. Avoid First Wave Risks

Resist the temptation to catch the first wave of the set. Please don't ignore this advice. Often, the first wave is not the best one, and wiping out may make the return to the lineup challenging and exhausting. So, try to be patient, observe the waves more, and understand their dynamics.


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3. Refine Wave Selection

This is one of the most important surf tips for intermediate surfers and relates to wave selection, a skill that distinguishes beginners from intermediate surfers. Remember, it's all about quality over quantity. Instead of catching every wave that comes your way, take the time to observe and distinguish the good ones from the closeouts. Being selective with your waves will improve your overall surfing experience and help you progress faster.

4. Utilize Foot Control

The next two surf tips for intermediates address technical issues and common difficulties faced by newly intermediate surfers. Firstly, move your front foot to regulate speed, while using your back foot to maneuver the board. This adds a new dimension to your control and style. Secondly, initiate maneuvers by 'trimming' and 'carving'—shift your weight onto the toes and heel of your front foot, causing the board to move slightly higher and lower. Then, transfer weight between the heel and toes of your back foot for sharper maneuvers, radically changing your direction.

5. Refine Arm and Body Movements

One of the most common mistakes for beginner and intermediate surfers is excessive upper body and arm movements, often in an attempt to compensate for a lack of natural smoothness.  Try to maintain control over your arm and body movements. Additionally, avoid excessive, hurried, and chaotic movements, as they can negatively impact your speed and balance.


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9. Challenge Yourself with Various Conditions

Instead of waiting for ideal conditions, surf in different surf conditions, do not wait for ideal ones. Additionally, avoid sticking to just one surf spot or type of waves. Remember that challenging conditions promote personal growth and enhance experience.

10. Travel for Surfing Adventures

If possible, travel for surfing. This not only exposes you to different wave conditions but also allows you to immerse yourself in diverse surf cultures worldwide. Always remember to follow surf rulles and respect locals to surf in a friendly and safe environment.


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6. Maintain Low Stance

As you can see, some of our tips for intermediate surfers come from observing many of them and noticing the same mistakes. One of these is maintaining a very high stance. Therefore, always try to get low and bend your knees to enhance stability. This position aids in maneuverability and control, especially in different wave conditions.

7. Master the Duck Dive

Practice your duck dive to go through waves efficiently. If ocean access is limited, you can even practice this skill in a swimming pool.

8. Select the Right Surfboard

Choose a surfboard that matches your skill level, body characteristics, and the prevailing conditions.  Remember that shorter boards with less volume are more challenging but provide increased maneuverability, while longer boards with more volume are better for smooth and small waves.


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These surf tips for intermediate surfers are integral to our lessons for intermediate-level surfers. Discover more about surfing lessons in one of the most experienced surf schools in the Algarve to enhance your skills and enjoyment.