tips for intermediate surfers

1. Optimize Positioning

Focus on catching waves closer to the peak in the lineup. This allows you to experience the full potential and enjoyment of each wave.

2. Avoid First Wave Risks

Resist the temptation to catch the first wave of the set. Often, it's not the best one, and wiping out may make the return to the lineup challenging.

3. Refine Wave Selection

Quality over quantity. Spend more time observing waves to distinguish good ones from closeouts. Don't catch every wave; start being selective.

4. Utilize Foot Control

Move your front foot to regulate speed, while your back foot maneuvers the board. This adds a new dimension to your control and style. Initiate maneuvers by 'trimming' and 'carving.' Shift your weight onto the toes and heel of your front foot, causing the board to move slightly higher and lower.  After this start to transfer weight between the heel and toes of your back foot for sharper maneuvers, radically changing your direction.

5. Refine Arm and Body Movements

Control your arms and body movements. Avoid overly hasty and chaotic movements, as they can affect your speed and balance.

6. Maintain Low Stance

Get low and bend your knees to enhance stability. This position aids in maneuverability and control, especially in different wave conditions.

7. Master the Duck Dive

Practice your duck dive to go through waves efficiently. If ocean access is limited, you can even practice this skill in a swimming pool.

8. Select the Right Surfboard

Choose a surfboard that matches your skill level and the prevailing conditions. Shorter boards with less volume are more challenging but provide increased maneuverability, while longer boards with more volume are better for smooth and small waves.

9. Challenge Yourself with Various Conditions

Surf in different conditions instead of waiting for the ideal ones. Challenging conditions contribute to personal growth and increased experience.

10. Travel for Surfing Adventures

If possible, travel for surfing. This not only exposes you to different wave conditions but also allows you to immerse yourself in diverse surf cultures worldwide. Always remember to follow surfing etiquette to surf in a friendly and safe environment.

These tips are integral to our surf lessons for intermediate surfers. Discover more about our surf lessons to enhance your skills and enjoyment.