We are open all year round and offer surf lessons for all levels and ages (kids starting from 8 years), private or in a group. All you need to do is contact us and book your surf course! Come and experience the thrill of riding the waves with us!

group surf lessons

Group surf lessons

For a fun and social experience

Maximum 8 students per instructor

Bring your friends and family to form your own group or make new friends while surfing together. Our instructors have extensive experience teaching diverse groups of varying ages and skill levels. Therefore, they skillfully distribute attention within the group, ensuring that everyone can enjoy surfing and enhance their skills based on their individual levels.                                                                        *Our groups are typically composed of students with varying levels of skill and ages.


Private surf lessons

Private surf lessons

For one-on-one attention

Maximum 3 students per instructor

Individual surf lessons are designed for those who require personal attention during the lesson, making them ideal for small kids or individuals who prefer to focus on the learning process. As a result, our instructors will tailor lessons to your level, assist you in correcting mistakes, choosing the right surf equipment, and provide continuous individual attention throughout your surf lessons.

                 *Private surf lessons can be arranged for 1-3 students or your own-sized group.


1 day 60 €
2 days 115 €
3 days “Basic course” 165 €
4 Days 215 €
5 days “Gold course” 250 €
Extra day 50 €

The package price is valid only if you pay the whole amount on the first day. If you pay day by day, the price wil be 60€ per class.

Private class 140 €

Included in all our surf lessons

Transfer to the beach and back

3-hours surf lesson (theory and practice)

Surfboard, wetsuit, leash and rash guard

Sports insurance

 A surf lesson with us

surf lessons for beginner and intermediate levels

What to bring to the class?

Come already wearing your swimsuit and bring a towel, water and some snacks. Certainly, don't forget waterproof sunscreen (SPF 50), sunglasses, and a hat but also bring a sweater in case the weather changes.


Where do we meet?

We pick you up from your accommodation in Lagos or Praia da Luz or from the nearest meeting point to your place(if access to your place is difficult due to traffic or narrow streets). On the other hand, you can also meet us directly on the beach if you prefer! Clearly we will let you know the meeting details after your booking is done.

1. To the beach

We start pickups around 9-10 am (time may vary due to tide and swell conditions). Consequently, we'll pick you up from your accommodation in Lagos or Praia da Luz, Burgau, or from the nearest to your place meeting point.  Afterwards, we drive to the surf spot, a drive takes approximately 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the beach we choose.

2. Getting ready

We assess the conditions, provide you with the necessary equipment, assist in putting on wetsuits, and get ready for the lesson. Following that, we cover the theoretical aspects of surf conditions, safety rules, and make a warm-up!

3. Let's surf

 We surf in total 3 hours. However, the surf sessions can last equal or different times. As we adjust to the conditions and always choose the best time for you to surf, be ready to have a small or a big break in between the sessions or even surf straight 2 surf sessions without a break.

4. Back to Lagos

Usually, we finish our surf sessions around 1-3 pm. While the instructors are packing and organising the cars and equipment after a surf lesson you can relax and enjoy some drinks in local beach cafes. Afterwards, we drive back to Lagos and arrive around 14-16 pm.

Our equipment


Softboards in our school are available in lengths from 6’0 – 9’0 ft. We use modern epoxy soft boards that are light, easy to handle, have good floatation, safe for beginner surfers and people around.  Furthermore, these boards are very similar to regular hard boards with the only difference of soft coverage outside. We use soft boards from well-known brands such as "Ocean&Earth", "Rip Curl", and "Mick Fanning Softboards".  Additionally, if you require a hard board, be aware that we don‘t give hard boards on the first surf lesson due to safety reasons. Consequently, after the first surf lesson, the instructors can decide on giving you a hardboard or not. Specifically, the size and type of a surfboard are determined by our instructors due to your height/weight and level of surfing.


We provide you with a "Rip Curl" wetsuit.  As we have all sizes of wetsuits with us in the van, you don‘t need to worry about your size. Of course,  if you have your own wetsuit you are welcome to use it. The average annual water temperature in the Algarve is around 18.5°C. Therefore we provide our students with 3/2 Ripcurl wetsuits, which means that 3 mm thickness is found for the core of the wetsuit, and 2 mm thickness is placed in the arms and legs. As a result, less thickness in the arms and legs gives you more flexibility to paddle and maneuver, while 3mm thickness in the core allows you to stay warmer longer. Conversely, we don't use thicker wetsuits as they are more tough and restrain your movements in the water. All the wetsuits are thoroughly washed after each use.

Useful information

Please contact us via email [email protected] or WhatsApp and we will book lessons for you replying to any questions and concerns. Bookings must be made 24 hours prior to the lesson day. You don‘t need to make a pre-payment to reserve your spot in the lesson. However, if you'd like to book surf lessons for a group of 8 people or more, a prepayment may be required. Although, we do not give discounts to students who bring their own equipment or drive to the beach by themselves.
The consumption of food and alcohol drinks in the van is strictly forbidden, as we wish to keep the vans clean for all our students. Additionally,It is forbidden to enter the van with wet wetsuits and swimsuits. We recommend not leaving anything in the van during a surf lesson. Moreover, please take everything with you to the beach. While the beaches are generally safe, and there have been no instances of theft during our practice sessions, we advise against bringing valuable items or large sums of money for surf lessons.
Cancellations must be made minimum 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. Consequently, students who do not show up or attend lessons without prior warning or a valid reason will loose their right to the lesson day, and the school will not refund money for missed lessons. Moreover, lesson postponements are only possible if the school can accommodate it and refunds are only granted in the case of illness with medical approval or for significant reasons.
Kids aged 8-12 years old can participate in a group lesson only if an adult, such as a parent, also takes part in the lesson and assists the child. Undoubtedly, the attention of a surf instructor should be spread equally among all the students in the group. Since small kids require constant supervision, a responsible adult should accompany them. Otherwise, you have the option to choose a private lesson for your child.
We don't provide hard boards to students without observing their surfing skills in the water. Therefore, first of all the instructors should see you surfing with a soft board. After that, you can discuss the options of surfboards for you and follow the recommendations of the surfing instructor.
We don't rent out our equipment, we only use it during our surf lessons to ensure it is treated properly.
You need to be able to swim with your head above water and must be able to swim to shore. Additionally, smaller kids and weak swimmers will be kept in shallow waters.
Some beaches have restrooms and bars and some of them do not. Normally we do surfing lessons on the beaches that have these facilities. However, take into account that the bars can be closed during low season or because of bad weather. That‘s why we recommend to take some water and snacks with you and wearing your bathing suit underneath your clothing for a quick change.
FilSurf School provides individual sports insurance during the surf course. Moreover, all students, the school, and any school activity are covered by €50.000,00 liability insurance and a €28.000,00 medical coverage plan. In any case, we advise you to take travel insurance covering all risks of your trip.
We are located near Lagos, Algarve, Portugal. While we don't operate from a fixed physical address, we reserve lessons for you through phone, email, and WhatsApp and arrange pick-ups for students in Lagos, Praia da Luz and Burgau driving to a surf spot that we decide on the day of a lesson or we can meet directly on the beach if you prefer to drive by yourself.
If you have never surfed before, or if you've only surfed a few times, you are a complete beginner. However, if you've been surfing for a while, had some surf trips, experienced different surf conditions, can stand up on the board, and catch small waves, you're still a beginner. On the other hand, If you've been surfing for some time, can read surf conditions, position yourself on the lineup, distinguish between right and left waves, catch waves, and ride them, you can be considered as an intermediate surfer. But please don't be too focused on your level. Moreover, many times, starting from the basics with us can help you correct initial mistakes and bad habits, facilitating faster and more efficient progress.