General Information:

Praia da Luz is a very special beach situated in a small village named Luz, just about 10 km from Lagos. Certainly, it's a destination that captures the hearts of all who visit, instilling a desire to come back. The beach is renowned for its spectacular views of colorful cliffs and the "Rocha Negra" (Black Rock), formed from volcanic activity millions of years ago. This extensive, wide beach is surrounded by plenty of bars and restaurants. Famous for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters, it is ideal for family vacations, especially with small children.

Surf Information:

Praia da Luz offers surprising surf conditions that may not be noticeable at first glance. Normally, Praia da Luz is flat during the summer. However, beginner surfers can be lucky and catch great, beginner-friendly waves even during this time. Fully the spot reveals its potential from October to April, with larger waves in the winter months. Facing south, Praia da Luz performs best with south-southeast swells paired with north-northwest winds.  Additionally, North swells that create huge waves on the West Coast can bring medium-sized good waves to the South Coast as well.

Praia da Luz features two types of waves – a beach break and a reef break on the east side known as "Rocha Negra," favored by experienced surfers. Typically, surfers occupy the east side and the west side of the beach. During significant winter swells, advanced surfers can position themselves on the west part of the beach, in front of the viewpoint at Praia da Luz.

Be aware that despite the seemingly smooth and friendly appearance of the waves, hidden rocks underwater and rip currents pose a potential danger even on small days.

Useful Information:

In recent years, Praia da Luz has become crowded on smaller days, especially in autumn and winter. The main parking area is not large but free in winter and paid only during summer. Parking close to the beach can be challenging in summer and on good surfing days. Numerous bars and restaurants are available both on the beach and in the villa.


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