How to get to Lagos from Lisbon and Faro

The closest airports to Lagos are Faro (91.5 km) and Lisbon (302 km) in Portugal, and Seville (274 km) in Spain. From Faro airport, transportation options to Lagos include train, public bus, transfer services, or taxi/Uber.

If you are traveling from Lisbon to Lagos:

Bus Ride:

There are two bus stations in Lisbon from which you can take a bus to Lagos: "Sete Rios" and "Oriente." The "Oriente" bus station is extremely convenient for those arriving directly from Lisbon airport, as it is located just two stops away by metro or a 5-minute Uber ride. You can choose either Flixbus or Rede Expressos for your journey to Lagos. The trip takes approximately 4 hours on a comfortable bus, with prices starting from just 8 euros.

Train Trail:

You can catch a train from Lisbon Oriente Station. Note that you will need to change trains at Tunes, but no need to worry. Changing trains involves exiting one train, staying on the same platform, waiting for 5 minutes, and then boarding the next train, which will be on the same platform with open doors for you to enter. Train tickets are more expensive than bus tickets and start from 17 euros per person, going up to 35 euros per person. Please be aware that trains may occasionally go on strike. Check the schedule and buy tickets here

Car Rental: 

Consider renting a car for a convenient and flexible journey from Lisbon to Lagos. With car rental services available in Lisbon, you can explore the scenic route at your own pace, stopping at charming towns and viewpoints along the way. Rent a car at the airport or in advance. Ensure you acquire insurance for accidents. The most popular rental car companies are Europcar, Rentalcars, and AVIS.

If you are traveling from Faro to Lagos:

Bus adventure:

Take a direct bus from Faro airport to Lagos central bus station "Terminal Rodoviário." The journey takes approximately 2 hours, and tickets are priced at 15€. Note that the bus operates four times a day. Check and secure your tickets here.

Train Trail:

Opt for a train ride. Reach Faro train station by bus (around 2€, 20 minutes) or Uber (7-12€, 10 minutes), then take a train to Lagos (ticket prices 7.50€ -13.50€). Schedule and tickets are available here.

Bus Bliss:

Head to the Faro bus station by bus or Uber and take a FlixBus to Lagos for around 4€ (once a day). Other companies sell tickets for approximately 12€.

Private Transfer:

Book a private transfer from companies like Lagos Shuttle or Yellowfish Transfers for 80€-120€.

Car Trip:

Car rental is highly recommended if you are planning to discover the beauty of The Algarve and visit the most stunning beaches of the area. Rent a car at the airport or in advance. Ensure you acquire insurance for accidents. The most popular rental car companies are Europcar and Rentalcars.

Uber Voyage:
If you prefer a more individual and fast option, consider Uber. Costs range from 70-120€, depending on the season.