General Information:

Beliche Beach is part of the Costa Vicentina National Park, located in Sagres, approximately 35 km from Lagos. This broad bay is located between the town of Sagres and Cape St. Vincent, marking the southwestern tip of the European continent, often referred to as the 'end of the world.' The beach lasts about 150 meters and is divided by a cliff into two parts, with surfers typically occupying the east side. Tall cliffs, reaching around 40 meters in height, surround the bay. Despite Sagres being in a very windy area, these impressive cliffs provide some protection, particularly from north and east winds.


Surf Information:

Beliche Beach is highly popular among surfers and bodyboarders. It is suitable for beginners during the summer months but transforms into a challenging spot for advanced surfers in winter with substantial ground swells. Facing south-southwest, it performs best with swells from the northwest and north winds. Beliche is a point-break beach that excels during winter, producing powerful hollow waves and barrels. The wave's hollowness and shallow waters make it quite dangerous.


Beliche beach surf spot
Beliche beach waves

Useful Information:

Access to the beach is a bit tricky. There is a big free gravel parking area on the top of the cliff and a long stone about 100 stairs staircase down to the beach, which can be quite challenging to go up, especially with a beginner surfboard. There's a beach bar on the beach and plenty of bars and restaurants at the top.