General Information:

Arrifana Beach belongs to the Costa Vicentina National Park, located in the municipality of Aljezur, approximately 40 km from Lagos. Undoubtedly, it is the most popular surf spot among seasonal surfers. This 700-meter-long sandy beach is quite narrow and becomes even more limited during high tide. The surrounding tall, dark cliffs enhance the scenery, creating an incredible view from the top. At the southern part of Arrifana Beach, a large, dark, vertical rock emerges from the sea, resembling a gigantic statue, known here as the "Needle Rock" (Pedra da Agulha). This formation has become an icon of the southwest coast of the Algarve and Arrifana Beach in particular.

Surf Information:

Arrifana Beach caters to surfers of all levels and features two types of waves: beach break and point break. During summer, the beach break offers small to medium-sized waves suitable for all skill levels. For intermediate and advanced levels the spot works better during winter months. There is a point break on the right side of the beach named Kangaroo that is quite dangerous, works with larger swells, and is recommended only for advanced and PRO surfers. Arrifana performs better with northwest swells and northeast wind direction. Arrifana's unique feature is its bay configuration and high cliffs, protecting it from the North wind, making it especially appealing in the summer when other spots may suffer from the strong North winds known as Nortada.


Arrifana beach surf spot
Ponta de Agulha Arrifana surf

Useful Information:

Parking is not available down at the beach, so you should leave the car on top of the hill as there is no parking near the beach. There are plenty of bars and restaurants around the beach. Be aware that Arrifana Beach can be very crowded during the summer and autumn months.