General information:

Amado Beach is known as one of the most stunning beaches in Costa Vicentina National Park. It is situated in the municipality of Aljezur, around 40 km from Lagos. The stretches for about a kilometer, and is surrounded by picturesque valleys and cliffs. The unique landscape is shaped by the colors of the mountain rocks framing the beach. Here, you can see rocks of red, pink, and purple colors. Moreover, in the winter, when the hills around turn green, and spring flowers bloom together with the deserted beach, this landscape becomes even more captivating!

Surf Information:

Amado Beach is a highly popular surf spot for surfers of all levels, though it gets extremely crowded in summer and autumn. Facing west-north-west, it works best with northwest swell and eastern winds. Additionally, the beach is partially sheltered from north winds by surrounding cliffs that make him protected from north winds known as "nortadas". Amado is a beach break, which means that conditions here change rapidly with sandbank movements. While it's ideal for beginners in summer with small swells, during winter, the powerful and heavy waves can be challenging. Moreover, be aware of hidden rocks and strong currents!


Amado beach surf spot

Useful Information:

There are two large parking areas at the top, often busy with camping cars in autumn and spring. There is a small bar on the top that offers drinks and snacks. Additionally, a boardwalk here serves as the starting point for the Pontal da Carrapateira Trail, leading to Bordeira Beach in the north. This trail, part of the Vicentina Route, covers 10.5 kilometers and takes about three hours. Alternatively, for a faster route, you can follow the coastline between the two beaches. Skipping the village of Carrapateira, this route takes just about an hour.

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