We want to make sure that you have the best experience at your surf lessons. Without any doubt one the most important point of successful learning process is a teacher or instructor. The professionalism in teaching, passion for surfing and pure desire to share all accumulated knowledge with students are the key points for a good surf instructor.

We are proud to say that Filsurf instructors meet all these requirements. Every member of our coaching team is certified by FPS (Portuguese Surf Federation) and first aid. All our instructors are passionate surfers with more than 15 years experience, who can not imagine theirs lives without ocean and really love to share their passion with our students.


Main Filsurf instructor and school’s technical director Filipe.

Filipe was born on the North coast of Portugal and started to surf from his 12 years old. Since then he surfs almost every day and nothing can already change his love and passion for the waves. He took part in many national and international championships, was surfing famous waves around the world in French Polinésia, Peru, Brasil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Réunion Island, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, England, France, Spain and of course all the Portugal.

With all these enormous experience and knowledge about surfing he has got an accreditation in FPS (Portuguese Surf Federation) and started to teach in 1999. From the very beginning of Filsurf school Filipe is a significant member of our team. Filipe is absolutely passionate about surfing and he continue to share his passion and experience with every student who come to our school.

Technical Director & Surf Instructor


Surfing Since: 1989 Stance: Goofy Favorite Maneuver: Barrel




- With the pre-payment student is reserving his place at the lesson.
- School is working with pre-payments only
- Pre-payment offers a discount.
- Payment of the month has to be done in the beginning of every month (on the first lesson of the month).


- School has a limit of 8 students per lesson.
- Student is responsible for the attendance at the lessons.
- If the student doesn’t make a pre-payment, school doesn’t guarantee a place for this student at the lesson.
- If the student doesn’t want to make a pre-payment, price for one lesson is different than the price with a pre-payment.


- Students who do not attend lessons without warning or important reason will lose the right to the lesson day.
- School doesn’t refund money for the missed lessons.
- Only in the case of sickness with the medical approval or in the case of important reason, lesson can be refunded.


- Cancellations must be done 24h before the day of the lesson.